Success Secret From Jesus – Day 7 – Respect and Honor


And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no more wine.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me?…” Jesus said to them, “Fill the water pots with water.”
—John 2:3–4, 7

The passage of scripture above suggests that Jesus did not care for wine for he was not the least bit concerned that the host of the wedding party he was attending had run out of it. If he wanted wine, he was more than able with the powers he possessed to keep the drinks flowing and the party rocking without the prompting of his mother.But he did not do this. Instead he asked his mother why he should be bothered that the wine was finished.

Even though he was not bothered that the wine had run out, he knew that his mother cared; otherwise, she would not have mentioned it to him. He knew his mother likely wanted to spare the host the embarrassment of running out of wine and so he took action to honor her.

Light-bulb moment: The first miracle Jesus ever performed was done to honor his mother because he loved her and respect her

Show Respect and Honor

Just as Jesus respected and honored his mother because He loved her, love will always lead us to respect and honor others as well – especially our parents.

Light-bulb moment: Respect and honor is the end of actions driven by love

Since Jesus did not dishonor God while honoring his mother, we have to ensure that we are not concerned about honoring man more than we are about honoring God. Any action that honors man but dishonors is not born of love but born of self-seeking. Any action that is self-seeking will tend to sacrifice honesty and integrity; it will tend to look for ways to do crooked things in the name of gain! Anything gained out of crookedness is not succeeding, it is stealing and is wickedness!

The way to keep out crookedness is to cultivate a heart of love that seeks to respect and honor!

How do we honor God? We honor God through our love-based and heartfelt obedience to His voice. When we honor and respect God and each other, we are not only following the example of Jesus, but we are also building up favor and goodwill with man – something we will need to succeed.

Light-bulb moment: Respect and honor reveal an attitude of humility. While pride comes before a fall, humility endears us to people and ultimately leads to honor, riches, and life.

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