What’s this Page About?

Welcome to the Diary,

This Diary features bible-inspired designed to encourage, motivate, and challenge you to live your very best life. It will give you the practical tips and tools needed to move you where you are to where you want to be.

In it, I share snippets on my own journey while focusing on the lessons God is teaching me daily that I hope are helpful for you in moving towards the abundant life Christ came to give (John 10:10).

If you like what you read, please be sure to sign-up for on my emailing list and share so that others may benefit. I would also love to read your comments.

Emmanuel Ogunjumo

12 responses to “What’s this Page About?

  1. Joe Hynes

    Good to be with you last Friday. Thanks for leading us in prayer.

    I appreciate you and I am proud of you and the effort of this SuperChamp site.

    Joe Hynes

    • Thanks Joe,

      I am grateful to be around you and so many other men looking to grow and live better lives in Christ. I consider all of you my mentor’s and I am glad to be waking through this journey now rather than later in life.

  2. Roddie Nelson

    My new main man. What an amazing trip we had to Colombia for Sobredosis. I enjoyed revelating with you about the Word. God is going to use you more powerfully than you can imagine. I will be tracking your journey as a Superchamp.

    • Thanks Roddie. I miss that place already. It was amazing watching God move over there. Cant wait to go back. You are a powerful man of God. It was my pleasure to revelate with you. Let me know your schedule

  3. http://craigmotor.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/the-wordpress-family-blog-award/

    Emmanuel, you are nominated so please go to my site above to get your award AND SPREAD THE LOVE!

  4. Nashlie

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I have just discovered your site via an email that I really don’t even know how it was sent to me. From what I’ve read so far, the rose story, I’ve been truly touched. I love how God works and gives a Word from the most unexpected places just in due time. You are a blessing from the Lord and I pray you continue to let Him use you as a vessel. I have subscribed and look forward to reading/hearing more from you. Please, let me know if you are ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    Be Blessed,


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  6. Thank you for the wonderful message man of Christ. I am on my way to growing to such a level of much higher faith. I would like to get in touch with you. Can you please just send a hi (spen_kk@yahoo.com) so I could discuss some issues with you. Thank you.

  7. you are very inspiring and you dont beat about the bush.you really tell it like it is..we need more people like you who dont sugar coat the truth. We live in a world where we glorify sin and dont speak openly about it.keep touching our hearts and be blessed..i spent the whole day reading your posts and i couldnt help but make a self assessment.

  8. God bless your ministry to return men and women to the natural roles God intended them to fulfill – husbands and wives in Christ and faith-filled Christian parents. Everything else pales by comparison, especially the radical ideology of lesbian-led second-wave feminism.

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