Success Secrets From Jesus – Day 1 – Devotion


Now so it was that after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions – Luke 2:46

Jesus was already devoted to His calling when he was twelve years old. He was so devoted that He lost track of his parents. He was so devoted that He spent His time listening to and asking questions about the things of God while other boys His age may have been found playing whatever games were common in those times. Why did Jesus do this?  Here is why:

  • As God, He did it so that He could impart knowledge to the teachers of the temple as well as gauge their level of understanding (Luke 2:47).
  • As man, He did it so that He could grow in wisdom and stature (Luke 2:52).

Devote Yourself and Learn

If Jesus had to devote Himself to his calling at an early age, then we have to devote ourselves to our craft, our calling, our God-given vision. The sooner we devote ourselves, the better!

The amount of time we spend honing our skill will determine our future success!

If Jesus (the Son of God) spent His time listening and was teachable, to think we know it all is foolishness! We end of making avoidable mistakes when we fail to heed the advice of knowledgeable others.

We have to remain teachable – no matter how much we think we know.

Know Your Terrain

Just as Jesus gauged the understanding of the teachers in the temple, we have to know what we are dealing with in all things.

We have to do our homework (due diligence) before embarking on any mission.

Failure to do this will leave us blind-sighted and cause us unnecessary pain. Doing our homework is what allows us to tailor our message to our audience. An example of someone who does not know his/her terrain is someone who brings a very wordy presentation (with no pictures) to teach a bunch of 5-year old kids.

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