You Are More than What People Have Said About You

superchamp_logo_symbol_fb.jpgWords are like rain. You cannot predict with 100% accuracy when they will come and you cannot stop them from invading your space. Moreover, just as the rain changes direction with the wind, words from the same source can tend to change direction without any prior warning. But just as you can build a tent over your head to shelter you from the rain and keep buckets to catch the rain you need, you can protect yourself from harmful words and you have a so in how words affect you.

Light-bulb moment: You cannot always control what words invade your ear-space, but you can always control how those words affect you

The first step in taking control of how words affect you is realizing that while you listen with your ears, you hear with your heart. Hence what you hear depends on two factors: The condition of your heart and how well your heart is guarded.

What is the condition of your heart?

A heart that’s not in good condition has a funny way of twisting words to match what it wants to hear. If your heart is hurt, every loving correction is a criticism that tells you to push your friend away. If your heart is healthy, the same loving correction is an act of kindness that pushes you to be the best that you can be. Same words, different interpretation, different result!

If your heart is filled with false beliefs about you and/or others, then your heart is not in good condition. So if you are going to take control of what you hear, you have to ask yourself the question: What do I believe about myself and what do I believe about others? Then you must follow it up by asking yourself why you believe what you believe about yourself and others.

Friend, what you believe about yourself should always line up with your identity. Since your identity is hidden in Christ, then you should only believe that which God believes about you. Anything other than that is to believe falsely.

Here are a few things that God believes about you: You are worthy, you are worth it, you are a special treasure, you can do all things, you are an overcomer, you are more than a conqueror. Do you believe this about yourself? If you don’t, then you have made up in your mind that you know yourself better than your creator knows you! Think about it. The creation cannot possibly know itself better that the one who created it. If your heart is filled with false lies, choose to submit your heart and soul to the words of your creator and meditate on them. You will find that your feelings will start to follow what you believe.

What is keeping guard over your heart?

A wise man spoke these words: Do not take to heart everything people say, lest your hear your servant cursing you. For may times, also, your own heart has know that even you have cursed others (Ecclesiastes 7:21).

You can replace the word ‘cursed’ with negativity, lies, slander or any other word you choose. Take heed of the wise man’s words. He says that you cannot always run away from negativity, therefore you must protect what your heart hears. Friend, you must build a shield of truth around your heart. The truth acts as a semi-permeable membrane. It allows what aligns with the truth to pass through to your heart and blocks ugliness from passing through. In other words, the truth is like a bucket with a filter that only allows the good rain in. That is why it is so important to know the truth.

Listen, even if you have done wrong, what you have done may be true, but it does not represent the truth about you. Everyone has done wrong…everyone. Do not allow your history to create your future. Know the truth and it will set your free! It will free you from condemnation, living in the past, depression, negativity about yourself and others.

Additionally, words that enter your heart create worlds in your heart. Do not allow the atomic bombs of what other people have said or are saying about you create your world. Those atomic bombs will only destroy your world and steal away your future. Deflect the rain of bombs away with the shield of truth.

Light-bulb moment: If you do not guard your heart with the shield of truth, you open yourself up to a world of hurt

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  1. Theresa

    Thank you for the wise words. They impacted me deeply!

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