NEW BOOK! No Victory Without Faith – Living Gods purpose for your life

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Hello Friends,


Has God put something on your heart that seems impossible? Have you delayed your dreams time and again, waiting until the time is just right? Have you achieved many great feats in your mind and in your words but have actually never taken a step towards making them a reality? Have you settled for less than the abundant life God planned to give you?

For many people in the world, hopes and dreams once carried have given way to a regrettable life resigned to ‘what if’. But we are not as many people in the world, we are believers! We are not to live with unfulfilled dreams, disappointments, and the acceptance of failure, but by the truth of the unwavering promises of God for our lives.

If you are tired of settling for less than Gods best for you, then NO VICTORY WITHOUT FAITH is for you! NO VICTORY WITHOUT FAITH shows how faith has always been the difference maker in the world since the beginning of creation; how FAITH is the dynamo that makes the impossible possible. this book will help you commit to a life of faith and enable you to make a difference in your world, fulfill your destiny, and leave a legacy.


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